U.S. Open 2015

US Open 2015

Fast, fierce, and fearless didn’t exactly make the cut in my performances at the U.S. Open. Although, some of my runs held some combinations of the three. While I love, love, love the event, the courses totally kicked my butt (not that running 4 dogs was going to be easy anyway).

I’m certainly coming home with things to train but I left with huge victories, some that didn’t include making the podium.

A year ago, Phil never would have been able to handle the courses the way he did this weekend. I saw huge improvements in my training and in the way he ran with much more confidence than he used to have (even if it was to that off course tunnel).

As for Karli, we started the weekend with a sour taste in our mouths. Of course I haven’t been home to train much in the last few months but I didn’t expect the hell on wheels that she gave me on Thursday. However, the quick fix seemed to be letting her sleep loose. We’ll be discussing terms and conditions on who gets what blankets next weekend…

On a sentimental note, Seacrett got to run in a final, and it literally brought tears to my eyes. I’ve gotten to step to the start line hundreds of times and I’m certainly lucky to be able to do so. She’s not always the fastest but she always gives her all.

As for Robber, well, were having a good time! I’m always seeing improvements and I was impressed with how he handled some of the courses. He was the only one of my dogs to get over 25 points on snooker!

All in all it was a great event, I had a fabulous time with great friends, spending some time with my dogs, and watching some awesome competitors (and standing on boxes with them!).

Here’s to next year, to being faster, fiercer, and even more fearless.



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