Great Competitors; On and Off the Boxes

Determining whether you win or lose, begins with the first jump and ends with the last. But that is not what makes a competitor great.

Encouraging other competitors when you yourself are having a great event, is what makes a great competitor. Encouraging others when you’re having a really crappy event makes a great competitor.

Laughing at yourself after the sixth off-course tunnel in a row rather than yelling, makes a great competitor.

Celebrating a good run, even with faults, and praising your dog, makes a good competitor.

There are a lot of things that makes a competitor great, and just as many that display poor sportsmanship. No one is being forced to play.

This sport doesn’t build character, it reveals it. And sadly, it isn’t always happy. Sometime’s it’s really frustrating, especially six off-course tunnels in a row. But if you’re not winning, you’re learning; and there’s always room to learn in agility.

I like winning, and standing on boxes, just as much as everyone else. Actually, it’s probably one of my favorite things, but it’s impossible for me to stand on every box. No one get’s to stand on every box. That’s why I love this sport, it’s really hard to know who wins before the last dog crosses the line. Determining who wins begins at the start jump and ends at the last, but a great competitor exists in and out of the ring, on and off the boxes.



3 Replies to “Great Competitors; On and Off the Boxes”

  1. Another thing that makes you a great competitor: You continue working in the rings even when you are competing for world team and running multiple dogs. I notice when the top competitors do that — and not all of them do. I saw you hauling many tunnel bags and such at US Open. Thanks for setting a good example!

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