Happiness (N): The state of being happy

Synonyms: cheerful, satisfaction, merriment, gaiety, joy, contentment

“Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power in your life.”


But my dogs, I find happiness in them. Each one of them does something special, unique to their own personality, and I love that. They’ve brought joy into my life everywhere I go. For me, happiness is sleeping in a big comfy bed in my second home in Maryland snuggling with my pups surrounded by tennis balls, elk horns, and stuffed toys. It’s sitting outside staring at sheep, because my dogs don’t know what to do at them so we just stare at them. It’s walking out the door every morning wearing mis-matched scrubs, coffee in hand, and dog on leash. And finally, it’s stepping to the start line every weekend, knowing there’s improvement to be made and as a team, we can grow.

Agility makes me happy and I’m 120% sure that my dogs also love it.  They really have no idea about anything but the obstacle that is presented to them or the wrong obstacle I probably just showed them. They really just like to do stuff. They don’t care what that stuff is, as long as it’s something and I’m involved. And that is really what agility is about, doing cool stuff with our dogs that make us happy.

I get really uncomfortable when this sport becomes more about the ribbons and winning (it’s not like we win millions of dollars) and accomplishments than it does about dogs. Agility is not a job, you can teach and train and lecture but it is REALLY hard to make a living off of pure prize money. This is not life or death. This is agility. It is learning and growing and for some of us, happiness. So while I may get frustrated that I was way too late on that blind cross, I know I’m learning and growing and taking control of my own happiness. I choose to participate in this sport and I love it. I’ve centered my entire life around agility and helping other’s dogs stay healthy and happy too.




One Reply to “Happiness”

  1. All my goodness you are right on. Every moment of every day. No money in this game just learning and joy with our awesome partners. You,young lady, are a GEM.

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